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Swansea Waterbed Centre - Gorseinon


When South Wales Waterbeds took over their main competitor in South Wales, they turned to us for advice on how the internet could be used to co-ordinate and run two businesses 60 miles apart. In order to keep slight differences in corporate image, we retained the Logos and colour schemes for Swansea Waterbeds, but use the same layout and content for both sites, making them easier to manage. As the customer base for Swansea was over a larger geographic area of West Wales, we have added a small e-commerce shop to allow customers to order waterbed accessories rather than having to travel 50 miles for a 10 bottle of water conditioner.
In addition, we have set up several internet based systems to allow both offices to run a centralised engineer booking diary, ordering systems and delivery systems. We are often running on-line advertising campaigns to promote the waterbeds and Mediflow pillows. As an added bonus, as the Swansea Showroom is in an Area 1 location, 35% of the development costs were available from Opportunity Wales.

Cozifleece - UK Wide


A lovely new site just for a specific new product - The Cozifleece a "Washable Sheepskins for Your Baby". Cozifleece are sheepskins for babies. They come in Pink or Blue and are suitable for pushchairs and car seats where slits allow 5 point harnesses to be used, or they can be laid flat in prams or just on a bed for baby to lie upon. Also working in baby pink and baby blue was a different colour challenge for us.

Bathsrus - Cardiff


Nearly a year building this large on-line bathroom retail shop is our largest on-going project. With 1500 products and 5000+ variations of those bathroom products in the Actinic software shopping cart, it is a continuous maintenance task with price changes and product additions/alterations. Launched live in August 2008 a big challenge was the decision to have no pay-per-click advertising meaning that every product has to be cleverly search engine optimised for maximum impact and frequently pushed to comparison sites and Froogle. The timing for this site with its highly competitive low end price tag products along with its heavily discounted top end products was good and it is thriving, a clear step ahead of its competition, in this recession hit climate.

Centre for Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy - Newport


Dr. Plowman is a well established proponent of using hypnosis to help people to control their drinking, stop smoking or reach their true potential in the sport that they pursue, professionally or otherwise. He required a simple site, and, more importantly, excellent search engine placement so that anyone searching for Hypnotherapy in Newport or Psychotherapy in Newport, would always see his web site first.

Homestore - Gorseinon


Homestore is a major furniture outlet on the main A4240 near Gorseinon. Initially, for 2005, Homestore required a large brochure site to promote their store and an 'item of the month' for each department. A major part of the initial 12 month contract, was training staff in each department, to allow them to update the site for monthly special items. Opportunity Wales grant received.

Aqua Bathroom Centre Ltd - Newport


Aqua Bathroom Centre is a leading independent Bathroom furniture supplier and fitter. From a simple shower nozzle to a full luxury fitted bathroom, Aqua Bathrooms can supply and fit it all. During 2005, they had a new web site designed and built by JCT Designs as both a promotional tool and e-commerce shopping site with over 1000 products. Due to the high level of competition in this area, a major challenge is the Search Engine optimisation and running of effective on-line advertising campaigns.  Newport City Council ICT Grant received.


South Wales Waterbeds Ltd. - Newport


South Wales Waterbeds Ltd. are the largest supplier of AKVA Waterbeds and accessories in the Principality, with a very high level of customer care, which like JCT Designs, requires face-to-face contact. They asked us to produce a brochure web site which was easy for customers to use, explained about waterbeds and showed a selection of the waterbeds available. The main purpose of the site, was as advertising to attract customers into the showroom in Newport, so that Search Engine placement and a well run but inexpensive Adwords type campaign, was vital to achieving this.

Thermotech Floor Preparation - UK wide


A pure brochure site to promote all the different flooring options Thermotech offer its clients and a site to showcase some of the previous flooring systems Thermotech has installed. The nice thing was when the customer said they liked the simplicity and colour scheme of the JCTDesign site and wanted something similar.

The Window Centre - Swansea


The manager of The Window Centre in Swansea had an existing web site which just wasn't getting them any business and he asked JCT Designs to have a look and advise on the best course of action. Whilst the overall content and style was OK the fundamental flaw in the existing web site was it was totally search engine unfriendly and no one knew it existed. JCT Designs were then given the task of revamping the existing site with an emphasis on letting customers see the products with lots of pictures yet having enough text to make Google happy.

Celtic Designs Ltd - Newport


Celtic Designs are the leading soft furnishing specialists in SE Wales and Managing Director and interior design guru Stefan Spokes appointed JCT Designs to manage their on-line business. The site tries to represent, the main retail part of the business, the contract furnishing arm (show homes and hotels) and gives a feel for Stefans interior design philosophy. With a lot of the appeal of soft furnishing such as curtains being in both the colours and textures of the materials this was an interesting project. Newport City Council ICT Grant received.

S.J.Frederick & Son - Essex


The website here is nothing to do with JCT Designs, as they are perfectly happy with their existing web site. What they did ask us to build for them, was a complete Label Anglais chicken ordering and delivery database. You have never tasted chickens like these, even Gordon Ramsey only swears by them not at them, and now the ordering process is nice and easy for them.

Nissan Rally Raid Team - Paris


No longer a client, but this site is what the original JCT Designs (Netherlands) was set up to build and maintain. After 5 years designing and managing all of Nissans' European intranet sites, (including an internal Nissan Rally Raid site), Julian Tandy was asked to design and build an internet site for the first participation of the official Nissan Rally Raid Works team on the legendary Paris-Dakar Rally. This contact was for 12 months to iron out all the problems of getting information live from the middle of the Sahara desert, and to build and run a multi language site covering all aspects of Nissans' Rally Raid Team. We also had to run everything from competitions to a fan zone an e-zine and we even had to write the text for a book, (with glorious rally images), about Nissans' first official attempt at the Dakar Rally. At the end of 12 months, the site was a great success with well over a million hits and was, as planned, taken 'in-house' and is currently maintained by Nissan in Japan.

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