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JCT Designs' basic aim is to provide our customers with greater profits than the cost of our services. Whilst this is easy to work out for an on-line shop, it is more difficult with an on-line booking system, but we try our best.

Our aim is to build up a good face-to-face relationship with all our clients, and so far, all our clients have been recommended to us by an existing client. Too many web businesses are just interested in taking your money, providing you with an on-line presence and leaving you to get on with it. We aim to help you through every stage of the process of taking your brick and mortar business and adding an internet dimension to it, so that you will think of the internet side of your business in the same way you do your newspaper advertising or your shop window display - an integral and important part of your business, but nothing to be worried about.

We aim to supply you with the most appropriate type of web site for your needs and type of business. High tech web sites are fine for high tech companies, but if you are a low tech furniture retailer, then a site that your customers find easy to use, easy to find and quick to load, is more likely to bring you new customers than some complex site that wins us a design award. Julian Tandy does have two intranet design awards, (from Sun Microsystems and Comdex), but as this web site shows, we believe functionality and content should be the most important considerations.

Being located in Wales has the advantage that there are currently plenty of grants available to move Welsh companies into the electronic 21st century, with a serious drive by the Assembly to get more and more Welsh businesses onto the internet. These grants range from council grants of up to 50%, (Newport), to 35% grants for most of South West Wales via Opportunity Wales, and down to no grants in Cardiff. We believe that our clients should get the most for their money, so if you can obtain grant aid and funding, then we will always help you to apply.

We also aim for you to understand what we have said and done. 'Tech speak' has its place, but that's between techies not between businesses.

Finally, we aim to work with your business for a long time. As your business grows and develops, we aim to be the company that you turn to first for all your internet and IT needs.

If you would like to learn more about us, then please browse through this small website and then contact us via phone, e-mail, in person, or fill in the form.  Contact Us.